Introducing the Content Hub for getKambium

Are you meeting new leads or prospects? Or existing clients?

Uncover the info needed for winning proposals and to build a rapport.

Content Hub for getKambium offers partners an expanded suite of questions and questionnaires.​

Questionnaires focused on a client’s business needs.

Questions that MSPs need to ask to win new business.

Use the latest questionnaires focused on your client’s evolving business needs. 

Get the questions that MSPs need to ask to win new business today and tomorrow.

  • getKambium’s simple Discovery questionnaire is perfect for new prospects. Get the info you need to know in a 60- or 90-minute meeting.
  • For existing clients, questionnaires cover some of the key issues affecting your clients today.

? AI Readiness

? Cloud Security Posture

? Modern Workplace Maturity

Discover the issues that the MSP, as a trusted advisor, should discuss with their clients. The issues that can drive the delivery of new projects, services, and revenue!

Please note:

You can edit all getKambium questions and questionnaires.

Our new Concierge service is available to create customized questionnaires. (We will also prepare branded report templates!).

All questions and questionnaires align with the getKambium framework. After the client meeting, the rest is easy. getKambium produces proposals and QBRs tailored to a client’s business needs in minutes, not hours or days.

Out-of-the-box getKambium questionnaires:

  • Sales Discovery
  • IT Strategy Workshop
  • Cybersecurity Review
  • Business Technology Review
  • NIST Framework Security Review
  • AI Readiness
  • IT Governance & Strategy Review
  • Risk, Protection and Resilience
  • Productivity and Tools
  • Essential Eight (AU only)